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Francisco Maestas et al. v. George H. Shone et al.

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Maestas Case

Francisco Maestas et al. v. George H. Shone et al.: Mexican American Resistance to School Segregation in the Hispano Homeland, 1912–1914-Ruben Donato, Jarrod Hanson, Gonzalo Guzman

An Almost-Forgotten Fight for School Desegregation | History Colorado

Latinos in Colorado won the right to attend whatever school they wanted to decades before the rest of the country - CBS Colorado (

San Luis Valley community gathers to celebrate a monumental "win" in desegregation (

Historic school desegregation decision honored at Colorado State Capitol (

The Landmark Civil Rights Case None of Us Were Taught - RE:WIRE - YouTube

How the first Mexican-American school desegregation case was won, lost, and found anew | Colorado Public Radio (

Presentation by Judge Martin Gonzalez and Ronnie Mondragon Jr. at Adams State University     Video, minute marker 25:00

Colorado Senate Resolution 20-016    Video, minute marker 30:39

Colorado Senate Resolution 20-016    

Joint Tribute Realding in Colorado House of Representatives-Legislative day 093 2022

Joint Tribue Reading in Colorado State Senate-Legislative day 093 2022

A song and a video to commemorate the Maestas Case - Alamosa Citizen

Alamosa Independent Journal Feb. 9, 1912 

GSHA To Hear About Landmark School Suit 8-2018 

McKinney's Directory Notation re Meixcan School

Mexican Americans in southern Colorado fought one of the nation’s early school desegregation battles

School lawsuit from 1914 remembered

The Most Important School Desegregation Case You’ve Never Heard Of

The Other American Dilemma: Schools, Mexicans, and the Nature of Jim Crow, 1912-1953 by Rubén Donato , Jarrod Hanson 

Mexicans and Hispanos in Colorado Schools and Communities, 1920-1960 by Ruben Donato

The Other Struggle for Equal Schools: Mexican Americans During the Civil Rights Era by Ruben Donato

Judge Gonzales Retirement

La Sociedad (SPMDTU) has been awarded $1.35 Million in Grants to restore its Headquarters in Antonito CO

Maestas Case Collage-kdokson.png

Photo Miguel Maestas-: Dr. Ron W. Maestas, Design K.Dokson

Katie Dokson 

  Colorado Social Studies Standards

The new Social Studies standards that the Colorado State Board of Education just passed included the reference to the Maestas case in High School Civics. 


See here: November recommendations vote (see Amendment 21 reference); Colorado Academic Standards SS June/Aug 2022 (see page 142).


Story about the vote:


All the documents from the 11/10 vote are under the 11/10 meeting):

  San Luis Valley Resources  

Learn about the Sangre de Cristo National Heritage Area

Travel Stories App Guided Tour of Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic and Historic Byway

San Luis Valley Museums

Alamosa Citizen covered the Oct 1 2022 statue dedication event at the Alamosa Justice Center

Memories of Los Rincones

Horno Heritage

Property fence interrupts 150-year-old religious pilgrimage

Colorado Voices: Conejos and Costilla Counties (half hour special)

New exhibit in Fort Garland explores the lesser-known history of enslaved Native Americans

Colorado has a complex land and ethnic history. One student is looking at the correlations.

Junita Martinez of San Francisco speaks on water rights and the acequia tradition

In a small village in southern Colorado, architect Ronald Rael makes an earthy return

History, culture, wildlife showcased in San Luis Valley’s Rio Grande Natural Area

Pea Planting on the San Pedro (Social Media Video)

Land Rights Council Celebrates Life of Attorney Jeff Goldstein

Medic recalls anniversary of Wounded Knee 1973

  SLV Video Resources 

 SLV Reading Resources

La Sociedad: Guardians of Hispanic Culture Along the Rio Grande by Jose A Rivera 

Pleas and Petitions: Hispano Culture and Legislative Conflict in Territorial Colorado by Virginia Sanchez

The Geology, Ecology, and Human History of the San Luis Valley by Jared Maxwell Beeton, Nicholas Charles Saenz and Benjamin James Waddell

The San Luis Valley: Land of the Six-armed Cross by Virgina McConnall Simmons

Forgotten Cuchareños of the Lower Valley by Virginia Sanchez

Profiles of Prominent Hispanic Graduates, Educators, Citizens, from Adam State College and the San Luis Valley By Dr. Ronald Maestas

The People of El Valle: A History of the Spanish Settlers in the San Luis Valley by Olibama Lopez Tushar

A Tortilla Is Like Life: Food and Culture in the San Luis Valley of Colorado (Louann Atkins Temple Women & Culture Series) by Carole M. Counihan

Jose Dario Gallegos: Merchant of the San Luis Valley (Now You Know Bios) by Emerita Romero-Anderson 

Martin Serrano - A Spanish Colonial Family of New Mexico by  Henrietta Martinez Christmas

The Many Faces of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe by Dr. Ronald W. Maestas

La Fe de Mis Amigos, Vecinos, Parientes, y Padres (The Faith of My Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, and Parents)

La Fe de Mis Amigos, Vecinos, Parientes, y Padres (The Faith of My Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, and Parents) Volume 2

by Ronald W. Maestas

La Fe de Mis Amigos, Vecinos, Parientes, y Padres (The Faith of My Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, and Parents) Volume 3 

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